Free Music Download Website Options

Though streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music may draw a lot of attention, did you realize that there are more options than ever for downloading free music of a high standard? These free music websites have grown to be a crucial component of how music fans discover new songs and performers. Even musicians use these websites to find legitimate audio to employ in their next songs.

For anyone who wishes to save some money each month and avoid paying another subscription fee, free music websites are a significant benefit. Additionally, we’ve compiled 10 of the top and most well-known free music websites in one article, including Bandcamp, Audiomack, and Soundclick.

One. Bandcamp

Although the website offers a large selection of physical and digital media for sale, such as vinyl records, CDs, and t-shirts, it is also a significant source of free music. Artists can offer their albums for “Free Download” or “Pay What You Want,” even for the negligible sum of $0. Songs are available for download in a variety of formats, from the standard MP3 to higher-quality file types including FLAC, WAV, and AIFF.

The only obstacle you might encounter is learning. There is a ton of free content on Bandcamp, but the only way huge locate it is by searching for terms like “free download” or “creative commons.” You can find a variety of possibilities on the website, though, if you take the time to look around. simply type a few words into the site’s search field,

Important characteristics:

  • Numerous downloads that are both free and pay what you want
  • A wide range of audio genres and content
  • There are high-quality audio formats available.

The Free Music Archive

FMA was established by community radio station WFMU in New Jersey in 2009 and has long been a well-liked site for free music. Tribe of Noise has made some adjustments, but the original archive is still in tact.

A lessened role for curators and the advent of premium content designed especially for producers are significant developments. Fortunately, the original archives are still a fantastic way to discover a wide range of musical genres that are available for free enjoyment or use in your own artistic endeavors. While each Creative Commons has its own set of rules, some are “no questions asked.”

Important characteristics:

  • large collection of free music
  • A wide range of audio genres and content
  • Available with Tribe of Noise Pro is premium content.

Internet Archive

A non-profit organization established in 1996, is stuffed to the gills with information. The company keeps the well-liked

Backward Machine

Actively “archives the internet itself,” including a place where you may view abandoned websites. The Internet Archive focuses on preservation rather than providing any goods or services.

There are a ton of alternatives huge browse when you search for audio on the Internet Archive. These consist of public content and audio files of the highest quality in genres ranging from hip-hop to classical music.

Important characteristics:

  • include specialty media such as poetry and audiobooks
  • A wide range of audio genres and content
  • also includes text, graphics, video, and more

Jamendo Music

Having a Luxembourg base, Jamendo Records offers free download and streaming options along with artist license. With A&R services that assist artists in establishing business relationships in order to monetize their music, Jamendo’s audio catalog is thus more rigorously controlled than those of the other websites on our list.

Important characteristics:

  • centered on independent musicians and free streaming music
  • artist services and a curated library
  • Paid materials for business purposes


Beatstars offers a ton of free music downloads in addition huge being a platform for producers to buy and sell beats. While not all tracks on the site can be downloaded for free, the majority of them can. The “Free” tag will help you identify possibilities for downloading files.

Beatmakers are charged to use tracks in their creations, which offsets the expense of the free downloads. Beatstars’ business strategy heavily relies on licensing, and Lil Nas X really purchased the beat for “Old Town Road” from Beatstars.

Important characteristics:

  • centered on crafting and producing beats
  • A joint venture with Sony Music Publishing
  • popular mobile applications

YouTube Music Store

Although YouTube is one of the most well-known websites for music and videos, the platform has more to offer than you would realize. The Google Play Music Library is a handy tool for finding royalty-free music that you can search for familiar artists and content or filter by genre and mood.

Two guidelines apply to the YouTube Audio Library:

  • Audio is not a separate item that may be sold again. For instance, downloading unaltered content cannot be sold.
  • The music may not be combined with unlawful material or used unlawfully.

So, you shouldn’t worry too much, especially if you’re seeking for music to utilize in a podcast, film, or other creative or business project. Simply click the download button after hovering your cursor over the date entered in the index.

Important characteristics:

  • devoted to royalty-free media
  • less limitations and a variety of licensing types
  • simple navigation and UI with search filters


has become into a significant platform for musicians and music fans. Additionally, Audiomack intends to increase the channels via which artists and fans can interact, monetise their work, and more in the upcoming years. While listening is always free, the decision of which songs you can download is made by the rights holders.

Thanks to a vibrant fan base and fruitful collaborations with artists, including significant releases with Chance the Rapper and Nicki Minaj, Audiomack has continued to expand. Additionally, you can obtain its hugely well-liked mobile application via

Important characteristics:

  • Everything is available for free.
  • A wide range of audio genres and content
  • popular mobile applications


concentrates nearly entirely on hip-hop and mixtapes. As a result, it’s a terrific location to find new artists and hear music from some of the most well-known figures in the field. Additionally, while some projects may bear the name of a specific artist, they frequently feature a large number of remixes, demos, and alternative approaches.

Both free and commercial content are available on DatPiff, although there are some limitations to accessing the website. Unregistered users can only access content for free if the artist or label “sponsors” more downloads, and registered users have a daily download cap. The apps from DatPiff are also available on

Important characteristics:

  • heavy emphasis on mixtapes
  • both free and paid material
  • popular mobile applications


was established in 2012 with the goal of expanding access to music education through the distribution of free music recordings, sheet music, apps, and educational materials.

Although paying subscriptions provide greater access and download options, free downloads are limited to five tracks each day.

Important characteristics:

  • emphasis on education is strong
  • classical music-focused streaming and download library
  • various materials for students and teachers is provided


is another another venerable website that offers free music on the metrolagu. Hip-hop is the most dominant genre on the website, despite the library’s wide variety. Additionally, the user interface is incredibly user-friendly and accessible, featuring simple navigation and helpful features like light and dark modes.

Artist accounts can be upgraded to premium versions, but listener accounts are always free. You cannot, however, download anything from Soundclick for free like you can from some of the other websites on our list. But what is offered is enormous and diverse. And who knows, when you browse the millions of recordings available on our site, you might just discover your new favorite artist.

Important characteristics:

  • a large user and artist base
  • Options for paid or unpaid accounts
  • consists of a range of community features

Finding free music to download

What actually determines where you look for free music is your need. The finest websites for downloading free music occasionally place a strong emphasis on diversity and accessibility, like Bandcamp and the Internet Archive. Others, like Beatstars for producers and the YouTube Audio Library for all types of creators, are more suited to specialized markets. Simply select the option that best suits you, or try something new, and get to exploring.