Gaming Keypad Buying Guide

Keypad vs. Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is all the rage these days in the gaming industry. It makes sense that the design of the keyboard will evolve. The full keyboard is no longer necessary for most modern games. Some keyboards can take up a lot of space on your desk, even though you only use a handful of keys other than WASD. You can’t even imagine how archaic it would be to use a laptop keyboard. Few games have keys beyond the left hand. Many get neglected because it is difficult to hit all the keys in a fast-paced, competitive game.

Although the Gaming Keypad is an old product, they have refined its features over time to make them more convenient, programmable, and responsive. They can be used as a replacement for your best one handed keyboard . Steam also recently introduced an app that lets you stream PC games to Android or iOS devices. Apple support is sometimes a bit finicky though. But here’s the catch: The catch? Some games won’t run without touchscreen feedback. You can play on your tablet or phone as if you were playing on a full-sized gaming computer with a portable keypad.

What to Look for in a Gaming Keypad

Configuration of the Button

A Gaming Keypad may have between 15-25 buttons or more. These buttons can be specialized for gaming, or they can be traditional keys. The average keyboard has between 80 and 100 buttons. However, the added functionality of the programmable buttons makes up the difference. The design can be unique or mimic the layout of a standard keyboard. It is important to remember that buttons can not always be programmed for every keypad.


Gaming keypads come in many different styles and can even be customized to work with specific games or genres. It is important to understand what gaming keypads will work best for your setup. The keypad design usually removes the unused buttons that can interfere with gameplay, such as capslock, and adds more useful buttons like those most frequently pressed keys. You can also find a slice of the normal keyboard layout for those who don’t need it.


Keypad sizes are not universally accepted so there are many tactile options. Some users prefer the smaller size of a laptop keyboard, while others would rather have a Gaming Keypad. Some users prefer a larger keyboard that is more comfortable, and they want the best keypads on the market. This is something we recommend.


A good keypad will provide a comfortable wrist rest and other features that make long hours of keypad use enjoyable. Some have a palm rest.

Key Type

The feel and responsiveness of the keys are some of the most important aspects when typing. There are two main types of keys: Mechanical and Membrane. A Membrane Keyboard/Keypad is made of a thick sheet of rubber that registers different hits at different points of the keyboard. This category includes the cheapest, but functionally less expensive keyboards. The Mechanical Keyboard/Keypad is equipped with a unique mechanism for each key. The cap is mounted on a stem and pressed down on a spring to flip a switch. A Mechanical Key feels more precise, clear, and louder than a Membrane Key. Each piece can make a clicking sound and require less force to register than the device’s heavy pressing.

Type Switch

Three main categories are available for mechanical keys (also known as switches). Linear produces a consistent, smooth feeling. Tactile has a bump you feel near the actuation point. One that Clicks: This is where you hear a click as soon as the switch reaches a certain point.

Each type of switch is separated by its color. A Keypad with Cherry MX Red will feel different than one with Cherry MX Blue. There are many types and brands of switches available so be sure to research before you make a purchase. Some are optimized for FPS gaming, while others make typing more enjoyable. Gaming Keypads are often used for typing, so we recommend using any quick style switches that have minimal resistance.

RGB Lighting

RGB is a factor in choosing a Gaming Keypad, just like most modern technology. While not all keys can be controlled down to the key, many have great presets. When you’re in dimly lit areas and need to see your keys, RGB is a great option. You can color each button on the best RGB keypads and use it to highlight important keys.


Gaming Keypads have one of the most valuable features: the ability to program keys to do what you want. High-quality software is essential to make sure that your product works with all types of products. Another cool feature is the ability to “Map” keys in games without key binding. Simply program different keys to signify different things. If a game doesn’t allow you to change a button, such as pressing E to convert an object to F (e.g. E button), you can program a button to return F. Some software works on all OSs, while others are limited to windows only or requires you to download freeware from the internet. However, brands such as Logitech and Razer will provide great support.

What games are best played with a gaming keyboard?

Gaming keypads are often used in MOBA’s and MMORPGs, which require a lot of specialized buttons. Gaming Keypads can be programmed to activate powers and use abilities naturally, rather than making it a tedious or rushed process. A Gaming Keypad can be programmed to perform a specific task. Imagine that you press multiple buttons at once with a certain timing to attack World of Warcraft. You can simplify this process by programming buttons. This can be used for many different purposes. You can use some program buttons to adjust mouse sensitivity. Some people might substitute a repetitive command, such as “Buy in CSGO”, with a simple macro that will set up a set of buy commands. Different layouts are possible on keypads, making actions like crouching or using a potion easier and more efficient once you have mapped out the keys. Another aspect of the keypad is the ability to send text messages to macros to make communication easier or to deactivate keys you accidentally press during combat. Spamming chat with a button is annoying for everyone, but it can be helpful in certain situations or gaming settings.

Is there anything to be concerned about with the small number of buttons?

Rarely, but there are some old-school games like Deus Ex which used the entire F1-F12 suite to control your character. Gaming Keypads may not be suitable for older games or those with complicated control schemes. These minor issues aren’t major problems as most older games either have a fan-created mod to fix them or the missing buttons aren’t important enough not to disrupt the gaming experience. Gaming Keypads can bypass the game’s internal controls by changing the values of your keys. This eliminates conflicts.

Comparing mechanical and membrane

When choosing a modern keyboard, a common consideration is whether the keyboard is mechanical. Although there is much debate about the gaming benefits of a keyboard that is mechanical, most people agree that the tactile experience with a keyboard is better. Although it’s difficult to explain, mechanical keyboards are more responsive than traditional keyboards. You don’t have to press down as hard to achieve the desired result. This speeds up typing and gameplay, as they don’t have to press as hard. However, mechanical keyboards can make a lot of noise. Some people disagree on whether the complex mechanical structure and software create more input lag. The difference in input lag is so small that it doesn’t matter if you lose a match because of it.

Avoid costly mistakes

This sounds familiar? This is what you might have experienced when you were about to purchase a round of Mirage. But, you accidentally hit the wrong key and bought a scout rather than the gun you wanted. In a matter of seconds, $1700 has been spent and you are now free to enter the fray without any body armor. This simple move will net you 2-3 extra turns of income. You look back and wonder if one button press could have cost you the match.

You might try to hit your normal combination of moves in combat, but you accidentally trigger a high-level spell. You will need to recharge for 30 seconds before you can fight again.

Switching between games where E is now F or CTRL is now C shows how important muscle memory can be when playing competitively at amateur levels. Although it may not be costly to lose a match, people can get very angry when a newbie makes a mistake that costs them dearly in Dota 2. To make matters worse, Dota games can be decided 15 minutes into a match. However, you will still have to play for an hour to avoid being harassed and hounded by your teammates. Mistakes happen.

Gaming Keypads can help you avoid making mistakes especially if your laptop keyboard has fewer buttons.

You can use one to increase your competitive gaming

Mapping out keys in your games with macros can greatly improve your chances of winning. It also makes it much easier to deal with the occasional annoyance that you may have when playing with mismatched muscle memories. Gaming Keypad eliminates the need to use weird toggle buttons such as Num Lock, which can be annoying and turn on for hours. You can play in ways that your opponents cannot. You can take for instance

What about Xbox One?

Xbox has always struggled with keypad and keyboard peripherals. According to recent leaks, Microsoft will soon roll out compatible devices for the Xbox One and driver updates. However, as of right now, it is best to wait. The PS4 however has an excellent option, which we have already covered.