How To Record, Edit And Share Your Gameplay On PlayStation 4

Playing your favorite game on PS4 alone is great, but it’s better to share your experience with others. We’re living in a world where if you don’t share it, it’s considered it didn’t happen. Don’t let your great gaming moments be buried in the dust without capturing and sharing it with the masses. You can record and share your gameplay on platforms like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube.

If you want to record and share your victory or best gaming moments on PS4, this article is for you, we’ll walk you through the different steps you need to follow in order to record, edit and share your gaming moments with friends or online communities.

Getting Started

First you need to understand you can record your gameplay using at least three different methods, and here they are;

Using the built in feature in your Playstation 4 console; this method isn’t convenient for most users because of the share button when controlling DualShock 4. If you also forget to save, you’ll lose your recorded game instantly, another downside to this method is that you can only record up to one hour. You can see that this method comes with a lot of downside and most people avoid using the built in feature.

Record with your PC using capture Card; this is one of the most effective way to record gameplay on PS4, but it does come at a cost since you’ll need a capture card that costs a few hundred dollars. This method has the best recording effect and you can record in high quality. If you can afford to buy capture card, I’ll definitely recommend using this method.

Using remote play on your PC; with this method you’ll be using remote play to project your console onto your PC, you’ll use screen recorder tool on your PC to record the screen. This method also is very effective because all you need is your PS4, PC and then install screen recorder. It costs just a few dollars to buy a good screen recording software, so you might try this method if you can’t afford to buy capture card.

In this post however we’ll focus on the third method since it’s less expensive and will produce good result. If you can find an effective screen record tool for free, then it will not cost you anything. The first method has lots of limitations, most websites out there will show you how to record game play with the PS4 built in feature, there are no editing options and you’re limited to the hours you can record, just one mistake, you can lose your record. The second method also is out of option since you need to invest in capture card. That’s why we’re focusing on using screen record on your PC. Let’s go ahead of show how to do so in simple steps.

How To Record Gameplay On PS4 With Your PC And Share On YouTube

Download and install screen recorder on your PC, depending your operating system you should choose a screen recorder that’s suitable for you. There are lots of free options, just search online for ‘free screen recorder for PC’, but we recommend using ‘VideoSolo Screen Recorder’. It has good features and will give you a clear resolution, you can add your voice, choose from different video formats. Overall It’s an excellent screen recording tool for desktop. The software costs $39, but I can say that it’s definitely worth it, it’s no match to the free ones.

After starting your PS4 and your game is ready, you then sync your PS4 and PC in order to play the games on your laptop using the control pad. It’s another topic which we’ll discuss later. Set all the parameters you want from your screen recorder like screen size, audio, output format and other stuff.

Once the record is finished you then then upload your video directly on YouTube, most screenshot recorder software have the option to share on YouTube. You can also save the video on your drive so that you can share it on any platform. Don’t forget that you have the option to edit the video using screen recorder like VideoSolo, you can add text or any other thing you want to add before upload.

You can find a lot of tricks out there that will show you how to share gameplay, if you have a better and effective way other than the methods mentioned earlier in this article please share with us in the comment box below.

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