League of Legends: How To Boost Your Ranking

League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), is a very popular game. It has nearly 8 million players per day, according to Riot Games. This also means that there are many experienced players. Here are five tips from Grandmasters to help you win, avoid tilt, and achieve gold in your own league rankings play.

Know your champions

Although this seems obvious, it is a good place to start. Knowing the abilities of each champion can help you find synergies and counter enemies’ picks.

Anthony “5mi”, a Grandmaster-ranking player on the North American server, stated that “if you can’t identify all champions’ five capabilities, that’s an issue.” He is also a contributor to ProGuides. “If you don’t have the ability to do this, you should not play ranked.”

If you didn’t know that Yasuo, the champion, can use his ultimate ability to knock-up, and that Alistar, the champion, also has a knockup ability, your team fights wouldn’t work as well. You would also be out of synergy if you didn’t know that the champion you were facing had stun.

Every few months Riot releases a new champion. It is worth taking the time to master all five abilities of the 145 total champions. This will allow you to win on Summoner’s Rift when you meet a character not well-known or famous.

Concentrate on your favorite champion

If you are a champion in one role, you can quickly climb the ranks. You can learn the mechanics of the champion and focus on your team’s success.

It will take time to go from “maintaining” a champion to unlocking them. It will take hundreds upon hundreds of games to discover the best items, the worst and best-synergizing champions, and the best mechanics to use.

You should also watch film, just like other traditional sports. You can learn from your mistakes and re-watch your games to help you make better decisions.

It won’t help you to improve your gameplay by watching others play. You can watch the play of the champion you want to improve with by finding the highest-ranked player. It’s a great way to learn from them and their explanations.

Details are the devil. Even if your opponent is stronger, it’s possible to make small decisions that will put you ahead in kills or objectives. This can help you in the later game. You can aggressively look for kills or push the wave to do tower damage, if you know that you will do more damage than your opponent at level 2.

Be positive and don’t let yourself get discouraged.

Expecting a different outcome can make you crazy, especially in League of Legends. You will eventually become frustrated and tilted if you keep losing. It doesn’t matter how skilled you may be in mechanics, it won’t make tilt better.

Hong, who has been playing the game from the open beta in 2009, says it’s important to take a deep breath and examine your play to see why things are going wrong.

Any League player can relate to being blamed by their teammates for something they cannot control. As you work to improve your skills, it’s not helpful to blame your teammates.

Hong stated, “It may make you feel better but it’s not how to improve.” Ignore all that and focus on your own play.

Wave management is the king

Minions play an important role in League of Legends. Your increased understanding of minion wave mechanics can be used to your advantage against those who don’t know the details.

Hong stated that people don’t realize the power of minion wave management to change everything.

You have three options when it comes to managing your minion wave. The wave can be either slow, fast, or frozen. Slow pushing is when you keep two to three enemy minions alive, and allows your ally minions time to gradually but surely increase their numbers.

You can speed up your progress by killing as many enemy minions and pushing forward.

You must freeze the wave to force it to adopt a titt-for-tat strategy so that the wave does not advance or retreat. You do the same thing if an enemy player seizes a siege minon. The only caveat is that the wave will push forward if it is closer to your base. This is because your minions arrive first.

Hong stated, “As the wave [moves closer to] one side’s Turret, it needs more and more [enemy] minions in order to maintain that freeze.”