Programmable Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal – PageFlip Firefly

Even the PageFlip Firefly can be a foot-pedal for page-turning to even computer or almost any tablet computer. Open an electronic file that is electronic and press on the pedal reverse or to either scroll pages from the forward or inverse instructions for reading. Musicians need to take their attention or their palms to pages. Works on some applications on computers and Android tablet computers, in addition to I pads together with programs.

Even the PageFlip Firefly works together with almost any applications which uses a computer keyboard to browse through files and feature a computer keyboard. The Firefly enables user to pick one of five manners for the pedals: Up/Down arrow, Left/Right arrow, PageUp/PageDown click, along with Space/Enter. Changing modes can be as easy as pressing a button.

The Firefly provides an individual the choice to reprogram the five ways that all pedal is now able to transmit hot key function or any media. Download our applications to get reassigning the works you are able to set the computer. Only press on the Mode Reset button on the back of the pedal to replace the factory.

People who have disabilities may connect the outlets over the PageFlip Firefly and their treasured switch to activate page turns. Sip-and-puff (breath-controlled) apparatus or Ablenet jelly-bean push-buttons are cases of hot programs out there to people who have disabilities. Musicians will, obviously, would rather tap on the PageFlip Firefly, or some connected external pedal which may be plugged to the 1/8″ mono sockets onto the back of this pedal.


Watch www.pageflip.com to get an entire set of compatible programs.

The PageFlip Firefly functions beneath programs, for example, Moon + Reader MobileSheets including Flipper +, along with EBookDroid with almost any Android tablet computer.

Even the PageFlip Firefly pedal works with almost any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. If your pc doesn’t need blue tooth. It’s possible to get a USB dongle you are able to plug right into your computer’s USB port for blue tooth support! You’re going to be astounded with the capability of reading once you take to the blue tooth pedal.


The PageFlip Firefly is powered by two AA batteries or by an AC adapter. The batteries will last using routine usage. If you desire, you’ll be able to plug in the Firefly to a AC jack, such as the ones added to tablet computers and cellular phones. Connect the pedal into the adapter with the USB cable that is enclosed.


Awakens of media within two minutes.


Prototypes have been created by us with the intention of refining texture and the look of this Firefly pedal. We have been focusing to generate the wirelessly. We’re still at the procedure of generating a Mac and Windows version of this interface. Applications problems include making the switch controller that is harmonious with all the i-OS 7 and setting the blue tooth time out period.

Once our kick-starter effort is done, we’ll utilize the capital to create the tooling and production conduct. The milestones are:

The technology model
that the Windows/Mac applications to plan the pedals
the pedal firmware for controlling pedal purposes
FCC/CE/IC certificate for wireless functioning

The technology of the best bluetooth page turner for musicians will embody the material, feel, and role of the pedal that is last. The Windows/Mac applications will assist its programming feature is achieved by the pedal. The firmware that is pedal will probably be crucial for executing pedal including i-OS 7 switch controller and the time out period. Before wireless apparatus are sold 12, the FCC/CE/IC certificate is important.

We’ve made advances in these areas, as is evident from model shown previously. We work in fabricating, designing, and dispersing the PageFlip Cicada may help us hugely in this project as it offers invaluable experience and shows that our capability to attain these landmarks economically and economically. We work to make sure the caliber of the output.

Even the PageFlip team has analyzed the functionality of the PageFlip Firefly pedal plus it works wonderfully! We’ve asked musicians to check our prototypes plus they’ve been very enthused regarding the effect and also the pedal it’s going to have in their own playing with. To reprogramming the manners that are pedal

We’re now finalizing the applications and also we all come in the middle of gaining approval to IC certificate, along with the FCC, CE. We do not expect any challenges global and since we’re already experienced in production shipping as a result of your experience in bulk. We work to manage huge quantities, and each manufacturing run is supervised by us to ensure the quality controller is stored at a top.

We’ve experienced this road and we all hope no openings. We’ll do our best to supply the product in time and we’ll attempt to convey all through the certificate, tooling, and production. Please check our rewards page and help disperse the entire environment!