What is an Active Radar Jamming Device?

Active Radar Jammers, such as our Phantom XP, detect an RF signal from an X-band or K-band radar gun. The RCD immediately begins to lock onto the incoming radar frequency, and then sends back an overpowering noise signal to the radar gun. When the radar gun receives this noise signal, the radar gun’s microprocessor begins to track the wildly changing, false Doppler signal from the RCD. As long as the radar gun microprocessor is kept busy tracking a false and ever-changing Doppler signal, it can’t display a speed reading; therefore the gun display remains blank.

During this period of time, the RCD has alerted you to either X or K radar, allowing you to safely adjust your speed to the posted speed limit, at which time you shut the RCD off, allowing your adjusted speed to be detected by the radar gun. Since your speed is now at the posted speed limit, the radar gun operator pays no more attention to you, and starts searching for the next victim.