Who is Speed Measurement Labs?

Speed Measurement Labs, or SML as most businesses know the company, is an independent test lab, which tests a variety of radar/laser/photo products for the purpose of evaluating the performance of those products. Primarily, SML tests each product to see if it meets its claims. SML does not identify who is specifically best in category, but their test methods are consistent. Since we participate with nearly all SML radar/laser tests, we identify who is best in category by monitoring performance of each test. We get to observe the latest radar guns, laser guns, features, applications. So we are always on top of the new radar/laser dangers being released every year.

In the field of radar detection, SML is predominantly known for testing the highway performance of radar guns, laser guns, radar/laser detectors, radar jammers, and laser jammers. Each company must pay a fee to cover the costs of the comprehensive tests.

The tests include 3 passes each, at distances of 600 feet, 1000 feet (where most activity occurs) 2000 feet, 5000 feet (for distance tests), and measure the performance of each product at X, K, Ka , Pop 3 K & Ka frequencies and laser. In some case 30 passes are made depending on the features of each product. 3 passes each are used to confirm consistency of product response. Maximum distance, false noise, strength of signal at each frequency are major test points to determine radar detector performance.

The majority of radar detector and radar jammer companies participate, as they want to offer to the buying public proof that their product is rated quite high by SML. However, some companies come away disappointed as their test results are obviously poor. Some companies, such as Rocky Mountain Radar, refuse to participate, although they have been invited numerous times.