About Mojotown

Michael Aron and Mojotown has a long history and love for motorcycles and professional racing. During the late 90’s Michael (mojotown’s founder) worked with the 2 time World Champion, 2 time AMA National Champion team Fast By Ferracci Ducati as Art Director and also served as the Race Team Data Acquisition Engineer during 1997 – 2000.
There he worked with such legends as Eraldo Ferracci, Kevin Schwantz, Matt Mladin and many other icons in the motorcycle industry. Transforming his love of racing and graphic arts it seemed to be the perfect combination to form Mojotown.com a full service creative agency specializing in web design and corporate identity for small to large business as well as motor sports marketing for companies. Some top names in the industry chose Mojotown, Suomy Helmets, Yamaha Factory Supercross Team, HMC Ducati, Top 1 Oil, Mat Mladin Imports as well as a variety of the San Francisco Bay Area based dealerships.

Mojotown is located in San Rafael, CA and is the main driving force behind the Mojogp Racing effort. (Above) Michael works with Kevin Schwantz at ROAD ATLANTA for the Aprilia Cup in 1999.

Flash forward 10 years… Turning a long-time dream into reality, Michael Aron expanded the Mojotown design agency into the Mojotown Motorcycle Gear Shop, specializing in apparel, gear, and accessories for both the street and dirt-riding crowd. With an emphasis on safety with style, the gear shop features such gotta-have names as SIDI, Alpinestars, Arai, Suomy, Shoei, Shark, Speed & Strength, Answer, Icon, Moose and many more. You’ll also find specialty tools, the best oils and fuels available, plus cool hats and tees.

The Mojotown gear shop will always offer a shot of espresso and top-notch customer service. Mojotown began as a design and web marketing agency in mid 90’s. In recent years Mojotown’s clientele grew to include factory race teams, performance parts manufacturers, and local dealerships. Some of it’s industry clients include Fast by Ferracci Ducati, Cagiva USA, Suomy USA, Bazzaz Performance, Top Oil, and Rich Oliver. It’s most recent achievement was the launch of the new Mat Mladin Imports site. The Mojotown design studio moved from it’s Mill Valley location to reside inside the retail store, behind an industrial roll-up door, in it’s own rust-clad garage. “Designing this space was like bringing Mojotown to life.

The shop is a true manifestation of my love for riding, and years of industry experience, behind the scenes and on the track.” Owner Michael Aron grew up riding around Marin County, and has been involved in road-racing, on multiple levels, for over twenty years. In 2007 he won the championship title in AFM Formula III on his Honda RS125, and also became a member of Marin’s exclusive MCMA dirt-riding club.

“Opening up my own retail shop has always been a dream,” remarked Aron. “The time was right; I was looking for a new venue for Mojotown, and Marin County needed a gear shop. It’s my goal to provide great service and a friendly hub for our local scene.” The gear shop is centrally located in San Rafael on East Francisco Blvd., right off the Richmond Bridge, and just down the street from two dealerships.Shop

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Michael Aron
Mojotown’s Founder