AFK Arena Guide: Best Heroes Tier List

AFK Industry has been out for quite a while on cellular devices, but it obtains typical updates through the designer that introduces numerous new heroes for the activity. Should you just began actively playing, then it will be easier for you to use this finest heroes tier list for the crew compositions in AFK Arena.

The afk tier list heroes which will mostly do a great job in PvP. Nevertheless, these still remain high in PvE as well and they are worth considering.

S-Tier Heroes


  • Kind: Melee Assassin
  • Faction: &nbspCelestials

Athalia is actually a common hero in nearly every respect. She could do no wrong in a choice of campaign or even in PvP.

With the help of her Judgement capacity, she could teleport to any opponent that holders opposite to her and package excruciating amounts of harm, providing them worthless for quite a while.

Her other capabilities, like Purging Craze can stun the foes for the even longer amounts of time. The combo of just both of these movements will most likely earn you a lot of match-ups.

  • Sort: Mage
  • Faction:  Celestials

Although there are two entities that consist of Elijah &amp Lailah, there is really just one single hero coping and getting problems.

It is a must-have support healer that has the Elegance capability that restores 130% health to an ally that has been broken probably the most. Just imagine your frontline heroes acquiring smashed, and than in a blink of an eyes they’re backup completely push.

If foe heroes attempt to damage one of the siblings, the other will prevent the attack by creating a defend around them, that is really useful.


  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction:  Lightbearers

A great ranged DPS hero is definitely the basis of the proper team-building. In connection with this Gwyneth can start to play a significant function if put in the center-back collection alongside Lyca.

Then, you may use her Flaming and Lightning Arrows with each other for some truly amazing quantities of damage. When these two kinds of arrows meet up, the foes start to burn off and damage the rest of their group in a chain.

A-Tier Heroes


  • Type: Mage
  • Faction:  Hypogean

One of the most impressive capabilities of Mehira is her AoE blast referred to as Whiplash. This huge burst of vitality strikes every person together with your allies and Mehira herself. If it hits allies, they get 65 vitality and a 40Percent haste buff for 8 seconds.

Mehira could also convert her overall health into allied minions that strike foe heroes. If these minions find a way to package any problems, once they give back back to Mehira, her health is going to be repaired. It’s a win-earn.


  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction: Wilders

Lyca is a fantastic ranged supporter that ought to be employed in addition to Gwyneth for complete effect.

Lyca can be extremely useful at the start of the match-up, when she buffs all her allies by growing their strike speed and regenerating their power. Which means that your group can kill other heroes before they could even use their ultimate skills.


  • Kind: Melee
  • Faction:  Maulers

This hero has the solution to all of the opponent healers as Fireseeds capacity Degree 2. This capacity allows Satrana to protect an foe hero in plant seeds that she throws at them. Whilst the opponent is covered in those seeds, they can’t repair their HP or have it restored from any ally.

This is this kind of useful ability that you simply want it against such foes like Nemora and Lucius.

B-Tier Heroes


  • Kind: Melee Tank
  • Faction: Maulers

Antandra is among the best frontline tanks in the activity. She has a number of abilities that will show this in excess.

Consider her Piercing Assault capability which not only bargains as much as 330% problems, but cannot be blocked or interrupted in any respect.


  • Type: Melee
  • Faction:  Lightbearers

Thane will not be a typical melee DPS hero. He mainly depends on essential hits, and once he does, then all his skills boost substantially.

For instance, his Execution will fire up a complete barrage of assaults for each four crucial hits. This can lead to gradually raising quantities of problems that may display some incredible figures after degree 160.


  • Kind: Melee
  • Faction: Hypogean

Zolrath is another highly non-traditional hero which has many tips up his sleeve.

His Deja-Vu capacity is somewhat complicated, but provides you with a distinctive possibility to revert the whole match up-up to its start in the end your allies have died.