Path of Exile Game Starting Guide

Path of Exile was born from the ashes of Diablo II. It was once considered the best isometric ARPG. It’s strong now and there’s a new expansion/experimental sequel on the horizon.

This new content should attract new players, particularly long-time sub-genre fans who want something harder than Diablo III. It is not a good idea to dive in blindly into Path of Exile. This game is almost the Dark Souls ARPG genre, so if you don’t know these things, it will be a disadvantage.

10 Reasons You Will Probably Need an SSD & Fiber Internet

Path of Exile is an old game. As such, the game engine is out of date, despite being updated numerous times. The core gameplay is dependent on precise timing and split-second accuracy, particularly in the late game. An SSD (solid-state drive) can be a great option.

Those who don’t have an SSD should prepare for some painful deaths, perhaps at level 85+. An SSD is an investment. You should not attempt to play this game with a slower DSL broadband connection. The Path of Exile community does not have anyone who is so masochistic. A Path of Exile gamer must have a working fiber connection, and this is especially true for heists.

9 The Learning Curve is Massive

Path of Exile is a game that doesn’t hold the player’s hand. Anyone expecting to learn everything in its “tutorials” is setting themselves up for disappointment. It will take hundreds of hours to master the game. It’s that simple.

You shouldn’t play the story until it is over, check out the features. Then expect a satisfying conclusion. It is the finding or creating a character or skill combination that allows you to race through everything, or min-max it. This is what everyone considers “fun”. This is a great achievement.

8 Leagues Are The Main Way To Play

What else can you do after finishing the story? You have two options. One, you can sit in your depreciatingly useful Standard mode hoard like an old Dragon or reap more rewards with the League mode.

Leagues are the Path of Exile’sway of keeping its players. They run on a 13-week basis. Every league brings a new twist to the game. Each league has its own rewards and players will need to create a new character each time they join a League. This sounds insane, and maybe it is. However, the League-exclusive rewards are too good to miss.

7 Things You Can Do to Screw Up Your First Character

Path of Exile is a game where you can expect to fail your first attempt. You have many options to create your character with the game’s skill tree (or network).

It’s best not to take your first character too seriously. No matter how good you think they are built, there’s a chance that they will be squashed in the end game like bugs.

6 The Game Does Not Use Traditional Currency

Gold is the currency that allows the economy to flow in ARPGs such as Diablo and other games. Path of Exile is a game that focuses on bartering. This game does not have a capitalist economy. All the items sold by NPC merchants in the game require orbs. They are the fake currency of the game and come in a variety of rarities.

This is what players will expect from others when they are looking to purchase or sell items. Orbs do not have any other value than money, unlike gold and other coins. Each orb can be used to modify items and double as crafting materials. It is almost back to the Stone Age of Path of Exile. Expect some Neanderthal economics to be part of player trading.

5 The Community can be Harsh

Some traders have already noticed a pattern. The trading system is not forgiving and can be unpredictable. Expect to see some village jerks or gatekeepers. To avoid scalpers and low-ballers, compare prices on third-party trading sites.

Many newbies will be surprised at the number of trolls they encounter, especially in the chat room. Trolls can be attracted to chat by asking for help or asking questions. Players can also report them.

4 Don’t Be Afraid To Die A Lot in The End Game

You should not treat characters as guinea pigs. One should also be realistic about the difficulty of the game. The amount of power creep has increased significantly over the history of Path of Exile.

This power creep is also applicable to the damage that players take, so expect a lot of sudden deaths in Path of Exile’s endgame. Your journey from level 1 through 80+ for your first character is not representative of your late-game experience which can be a lot more difficult.

3 Don’t treat it like a Diablo Clone

Although it may have started with Diablo II as its main inspiration, Path of Exile has grown beyond that. It’s a solid, independent game that is far more complex than the relatively simple mechanics of Diablo II (which has been the most complicated Diablo game).

Don’t expect character building to be as straightforward as Diablo II’s, or even Diablo III’s. Players may not want a barbarian-wielding type, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be viable in the final game. This is the best part about the title. For your first Path of Exile playthrough, you shouldn’t expect to use Diablo games for expectations.

2 Item Stat Descriptions can be misleading

It’s a loot-based gaming game, but Path of Exile’s objects are far more than meets the eye. Your character’s fate can depend on how much you know about the item descriptions.

Don’t assume that the descriptions of items are true. To compare the prices of different items in trade, players often need to search the game’s wiki for the item descriptions.

1 You don’t have to be a hardcore character yet

Path of Exile has a “Hardcore”, a mode that allows characters to die permanently, much like other ARPGs or Diablo games. This may sound appealing, especially if you’re familiar with Diablo III’s hardcore mode. However, if you are new to Path of Exile this is not the best way to play.

If the player isn’t naturally skilled at processing new images and words quickly, there’s no way for them to avoid a heartbreaking death from a sudden cold blast caused by a monster that uses reflect damage. You must wait until you have completed the Standard modes before you can become a full-time masochist Path of Exile.